The company is a big family, in which an individual works in synergy with others for one purpose.
When I am called to a corporate event to perform my music or music of different genres solo or in orchestras, my goal is to use the communicative power of music for the event, not just to make the music an accessory, but a true and real emotional and commercial weapon that stimulates memory to identify a particular brand.

I prepare my work with a team specializing with business communication; I choose the songs and I compose music ad hoc, aiming to achieve the desired result with an orchestra or as a soloist.

I try to strongly understand and empathize with the company, feeling as if I were an integral part of the company project. When I perform, I do it with all my capabilities, musical resources and creativity, in order to underline the requested concept or the theme of the event, whether it is an aperitif, an outdoor event, or a presentation of a new specific product.